Marble Gymnastics Academy

Iris Fan CGA

Iris Fan
Club Director

Iris holds a Master Degree in Sport Science and has a Designation Degree in Accounting.
Her coaching focus is on kids with age 18 months to 16 years old. She believes early
touches in gymnastics, kids’ strength, stability, agility, balance, flexibility, and
confidence will be increased. Early stepping into gymnastics is also beneficial for any
future sports or activities children may participate in.
“Think Sport. Think !”

Brian Fong

Brian Fong

Brian has been involved in all aspects of gymnastics for over 13 years. He trained as competitive gymnast for many years. After retirement from the competitive scene, Brain joins Marble to start his coaching career. He mainly coaches Advanced Gymnastics Programs for boys and girls for age 8 and above..
“Perseverance is my key to gymnastics.”

Mada Yin Long Li

High Performance Coach / Competitive Program

Mada is the High Performance Coach of Competitive Programs. After spending more than 10 years as a Competitive gymnast and a member of the Chinese Gymnastics National Team. Mada also taught Artistic Gymnastics in China for many years.

Mada moved to Canada to coach in 2006. With his highly skilled techniques and coaching methodology, Mada has helped produced some really high level gymnasts that competed nationally. Here are some of Mada’s thoughts:

“On the surface, the philosophy and fundamental structure between the Canadian and Chinese systems are very different. In fact, many think the two systems can never be reconciled. After coaching here in Canada for a few years, I see opportunities that haven’t been realized- I believe that a fusion of the best from two opposites is possible.

- Solid base-builds and progressions - We aim for a continuum from recreation to competitive so that beginners’ classes are both fun and challenging and build towards high level skills. We have a vocabulary of over 100 skills for beginners that reinforce and develop the base attributes required.

- Optimization –We plan to optimize the effect of each training session for all levels by:

  • Correct skill and attribute development over a number of years so that requirements are there when required.
  • Respecting recovery cycles of the body and mind so that a gymnast is always focused and training at a 100%. This avoids burnt out and injuries caused by physical or mental fatigue.
  • Individualization – Each athlete has his/her own individual needs and challenges. I am ready to find new ways to help an athlete. I think a systematic way of identifying strengths and weaknesses throughout our classes will help develop better gymnasts and make the sport safer in the long run.”

- Mada has a nickname of “King of Pommel Horse.
“My dream in Gymnastics is to find a way to inspire my gymnasts to Happily Ride a
Gymnastics Pommel Horse!”


Yareni Mendoza


Yareni has been involved in gymnastics most of her life; as a high level competitive
gymnast and then as a coach. She has more than 6 years experience coaching recreation and pre-competitive gymnastics programs. She started coaching in British Columbia at the age of 14 and has coached all levels of recreation gymnastics programs. Yareni’s passion is coaching all levels of recreation and competitive gymnastics programs.
“I strongly believe should be part of every one’s life.”

Jaxon Wong

Jaxon Wong

Jaxon has been involved in all aspects of gymnastics for over 15 years. He competed
nationally at the high performance level for many years. After retirement from the
competitive scene, Jaxon joins Marble to start his coaching career since Marble’s
opening. He mainly coaches girls school age gymnastics programs, Girls Interclub
Programs and Trampoline and Tumbling Programs.
“My passion in Gymnastics is continuously active in gymnastics. Incorporating
the Ultimate Movement of Gymnastics into the Beauty of Tricking.”

Tatiana Lisnevskaya

Tatiana Lisnevskaya

Tatiana is an experienced Pre-School Gymnastics Programs Coach with ten years
of experience working with children. Tatiana devotes to the educational and social
development of children. She has excellent curriculum and activity development skills
with an inclination for creativity. Enthusiastic with a positive attitude and well organized.
“Working with children is my passion.”

Chelsea Juckes

Chelsea Juckes

Chelsea currently studies full time at Thompson Rivers University in the Business
Program and works part time in Marble. Chelsea has been involved in Rhythmic
Gymnastics for more than 10 years. She also has coached many kinder gymnastics
classes and assisted coaches in training gymnasts. Currently, she is assisting Boys
Development Gymnastics Programs in Marble.
“I am a formidable mentor!”